Additional Services

We don’t believe in charging for services you don’t use, but we know that at some point, your business will have needs beyond basic pick, pack, and ship requirements. When that time comes….rest easy! We’ll help with:

  • Pallet Storage: $40/month
  • Small Bin: $8/month
  • Large Bin: $5/month
Subscription Box Fulfillment

Fulfill your subscription box orders accurately and punctually with PrepFort. Tailor each order to your specific needs, from adding unlimited items to bespoke packaging solutions, including custom boxes and promotional inserts. PrepFort provides flexible shipment scheduling, ensuring your packages are ready and dispatched exactly when required.

Special Projects

Require extra assistance? Our specialized team is available for unique projects such as conducting inventory counts and constructing master cases and retail builds.
At a rate of $45 per person-hour, we guarantee efficient and prompt execution of your specific requirements.