Amazon & Walmart Services

Bundling Detail

(Pre-pack before shipping)

Pre-Packed before shipping

  • Pack of 1-3¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†$0.65
  • Pack of 4-6¬† ¬† ¬† $0.95
  • Pack of 7-9.¬† ¬† ¬†$1.25
  • Pack of 10-12¬† $1.45

Charged per OUTBOUND unit

Price per bundle includes;

-Polybag (1 per unit max size 16 inches on one side)
-Shrink wrap (up to 2 sqft per unit)

Add-on Pricing
  • Bubble Wrap¬† ¬† $0.55/sqft
  • Palletizing¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†$30
  • Small Box¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†$2.25
  • Medium Box¬† ¬† ¬† $3.00
  • Large Box¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†$4.00

Pricing Plan Details and Additional Information‚Äč

  • Standard preparation is included in all pricing plans EXCEPT startup. This involves inspection and receiving, labeling, polybagging, and shrink wrapping, as well as entry into our inventory management system.
  • We will not process shipments until we receive a minimum of 50 units to send outbound. You will be charged arbitrage prices if it is below a quantity of 50.
  • We do NOT process liquidation and/or used products you will be charged our hourly rate if we receive this type of inventory.
  • Units that are packaged as a carton, will be processed at carton forwarding rates of $3/carton. Or, they will be processed at the bundling cost of the carton. Whichever is more affordable of the two will be applied to your invoice.
  • The following services and materials are subject to additional fees in addition to the regular prep cost. For more information, please contact us or visit our additional services tab here
    • Bubble-wrap & fragile packaging

    • Oversize/overweight items (15 inches on the longest side and/or 5 lbs per unit)

    • Returns processing

    • Pallets and cartons – we repurpose boxes as much as possible to save you money!

    • Forwarding of cartons

    • Any item/pallet that has been stored for more than 14 days

  • After the initial date of purchase, billing for the purchased subscription begins every 30 days.
  • Every month, on the 1st and 15th, you will be billed for any additional services you have used.
  • Units prepared in excess of your plan’s authorized units will be charged at the same rate per unit until the plan is canceled and a higher tier is purchased.