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Most orders are completed in as little as 24-72 hours!

The best way to get an amazing deal and to find a solution perfect for you is to contact us directly!

Of course! We are here 24/7 via chat and during busines hours during the week to answer any and all of your questions. Even if they are not about an order you have with us 🙂

Once we do a final check we send out your prepped order immediately to the designated warehouse. With our partnered shipping carriers and supply chain, we make sure your order is delivered quickly and efficiently!

Clients from outside the United States occasionally ask us this question. If you ship with one of the larger carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, they will usually take care of all customs issues for you. However, you may be asked to identify an Importer of Record for your shipment as well as tax information such as an EIN or Tax ID number in some circumstances.

We are unable to serve as the Importer of Record for your shipments or provide you with our tax information. You may need to register as a Foreign Importer if you are not a US citizen. If necessary, a customs agent should be able to assist you in completing the necessary documentation.

Yes we do! Please contact us for more information.

Yes we do! Please contact us for more information.

Yes we do! Please contact us for more information.

Please use the Contact Form to tell us about your prep and ship needs first.

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After that you will receive access to our software and you will be ready to start!

Yes of course! At PrepFort we are always expanding and innovating, if there is a service you would like us to offer then shoot us a message and pitch your idea! We are all ears 🙂

We are always looking for talented individuals keep a look out on the careers tab for future positions!

PrepFort triple checks all orders to prevent any mistakes, but in the rare instance something does go wrong you can count on our 24/7 customer support to get your issue resolved smoothly and easily!

We follow the same size and weight guidelines as Amazon’s FBA program. Individual units that are longer than 18 inches or weigh more than 15 pounds will be considered oversize. Oversize cartons are those that are longer than 25 inches on their longest side or weigh more than 49 pounds.

Sure! We can keep your stock until you’re ready to ship it to Amazon. For smaller volumes, we offer bin storage at an aggregated fee based on volume per cubic foot per month or $40 per pallet per month.

When you create an account with us, we’ll ask for credit card, bank, or PayPal information. Depending on the plan you choose, we’ll charge your payment method at the time of shipment or every month. Our software system also allows you to view all invoices and costs!

Shipping rates for Amazon-partnered carriers like UPS or LTL packages are charged to your Amazon account directly. Make sure the ‘Ship From’ address in your shipment plan is adjusted to PrepFort’s warehouse address to get the correct shipping pricing.

Additionally, PrepFort uses ShipStation for fulfillment, which will link to your stamps account for USPS and UPS shipments. Each order will be charged to the payment method you have on file.