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Amazon listings plays a vital role to enhancing sales. Logically, if you don’t have a listing where you will acquire your sales. Listings can have variations or can be without variation If you’re selling glasses. You can say that I’m selling two or more variations of watches with colors such as green, blue, and red. Another example of variations can be selling the T-shirts, my T-shirts would be variations in different colors as well as in different sizes. Your personal variations can be with a variation or without depending on your product. There is a lot of variation in different sizes and colors typically. There are five critical aspects to consider while creating an Amazon listing.

• Title

• Bullet points/a brief description

• Short descriptions

• Images

• Search terms


One of the most important components in an Amazon listing is the title, because when a customer views your product page, the first thing they see is the title of your listing. Your title should be fully optimized, which means you should utilize keywords with a high search traffic. It must be relevant to your field; The title should contain your main/major keyword. Your title must be no longer than 200 characters, including spaces, and you must not use special characters in your listing, as this is not permitted by Amazon. Make sure to follow the above rules and create an appealing title!

Points with bullets/a brief description:

Bullet points also play a key function in your listing and are referred to as the second most important piece of information after the title. After the title, most readers read the bullet points. Bullet points are often known as concise product descriptions. You should include any relevant information about your product in your bullet points, such as product features, product usage, product benefits, and so forth. You have a total of 500 characters to add 5 bullet points. Your bullet points should be well-written and concise describing the product to the best of your ability within those 5 bullet points.

Short descriptions:

Every listing has a fantastic feature called the product description. You can fill it with as much information as you would like. After the title and bullet points, write a good product description with all the of the most relevant information that you could not include in the bullets. You have a maximum of 2000 characters to use so make sure to utilize it well!


One of the most important aspects of a product listing is images. Your images should entice buyers to hit the “add to cart” button. When an image catches a customer’s eye that is what pushes for the initial click and eventually the sale.

Search terms:

A secret backend feature on Amazon listings is called “search terms.” After the title, bullet points, and description, sellers can utilize the remaining keywords they have acquired and put them in the search terms. A strong keyword technique is utilizing misspelled keywords, such as “watches” (spelled “watchs” by numerous individuals). You can use this keyword in your backend search terms rather than in the title because using a misspelled keyword in the title, bullet point, or description gives the client a negative impression.