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Fulfillment across all channels

Retail, wholesale, and ecommerce are all part of the omni channel distribution strategy. This enables retailers to sell their goods through a variety of venues. Bringing physical and internet stores together.
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Preparation Services for Amazon FBA, FBM, and OA/RA

Bundling | Returns Management | FNSKU Labeling | Private Label | Wholesale
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Channels for eCommerce Fulfillment

Fulfillment and replenishment for businesses | Consumer fulfillment on a direct basis (multi-channel)
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How it works

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PrepFort wants to offer you the best. With our flexible and affordable services we can cater to any sized business! Reach out to us via phone, text, social media, email or directly from our website and we will get you a quote instantly!

Send Inventory

Once we hash out the details, we'll have you send us over your products so once they arrive at our warehouse, we can begin unloading and inspecting them to prep them for the next step.

A La Carte Package

We offer a fully customizable package so you can choose what services you want done and which you would prefer to hold off on. Once we have everything sorted we will being working on your order! Just give us 24-48 hours and we will have it complete.

Final Check

One final check to make sure everything is perfect and we did not miss anything. We like to confirm and check all of our customers orders 2-3 times!

Ultra-Fast Shipping

Once the final check is complete we will package everything and use one of our partnered shipping services to get your order out as fast as possible to the destination of your choice! No more 3-5 processing days just Ultra-Fast shipping.

Start Selling

And thats it! Your order has arrived at the given location and you are ready for business! Start selling, making profit, advertising. PrepFort will be looking forward to working with you in the future!

Our warehouse!

Our state of the art facility can support all your business needs ranging from Prep, Fulfillment, FBM, Online Arbitrage, Packaging, Shipping, Logistics, and much more!

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